Mackeys Bar


Mackey’s Bar and Lounge excellently blends the new with the old. There is a cosy bar with an inviting atmosphere, a great lounge space where pool sharks can try their luck and a hidden gem of an outhouse which makes a cool music venue. Mackey’s has hosted everything from biker rallies to christening parties. It’s located in the village of Gathabawn between Johnstown and Freshford and is well worth a visit.


History: A letter of observation to the Royal Irish Constabulary in 1837AD revealed the following account:

‘In the barony of Galmoy, in the parish of Balleen it is recommended to patrol the road leading over the mountains in both directions from the place named as Coolcashin. Therein lies a dilapidated long house supplying spirituous liquors and encouraging every type of rogue and low person to gather. The playing of fiddles and other instruments attests to the riotous revels therein and many low women are known to gather in the  back room. Effluvia and blood flood in equal measure from the front door on many nights and the area is known for battle and brawl. Neither priest or parson can gain entry to said house[..] when constabulary arrive, the worst offences are unseen due to the presence of a watch on the hill above. It is to be desired that a constant presence of authority be established in the area. One is aware of the omnipresent threat of murder, mayhem and general outcry that marks this desolate area of the world and if one does not wish a return to the previous state of unrest it is a wish greatly hoped to be fulfilled that the constabulary may make a solid and enduring presence in this area’

GPS: 52.76723, -7.47229.