Bird Watching


A popular area for Birdwatchers in South Laois is “The Curragh” . A 600 acre flood plain on the river Erkina west of the Alluvial Woodland and Bishopswood. The area can be accessed from the Wooden Bridge which is located between Durrow and Rathdowney. Many birds have their home here including  the Mute Swan, Cormorant,Kingfisher, Malard,Egret, Moor Hen, Starling, Lapwing and Snipe while winter visitors include flocks of Whooper Swans, Geese (who take up Residents on O’Sullivan’s Island) Teal, Wigeon while Shelduck is also a regular visitor here.

This area was illustrated in Don Conroy/ Jim Wilson Book “Bird Life in Ireland”.

More information can be obtained from Laois Birdwatch Ireland